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We would like to cordially welcome you to Riechelmann & Carlsohn!

Many thanks for your interest in our patent law office.

It is our task to preserve and protect innovations, and with that, values. One single patent can have the power to become the motor behind an entire region, even in the present time.

We are aware of the responsibility that arises from this and act accordingly. We have chosen our location in Dresden, one of the technological and innovative centers of Germany, and see it as our duty to make use of and support the innovative potential of this region.

We look after both domestic and foreign clients in all areas of commercial legal protection.

Patent Attorneys Riechelmann & Carlsohn
We protect your innovations!

The goal is the optimum protection of an idea, worldwide if possible. Trademarks are values which we oversee and protect. The successful implementation of protective laws requires experience and sure instinct.